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So, because I started babbling about my new stuff, here are also four little babies I’m extremly happy I had bought two weeks ago:

  •  ”Emma” and “Mansfield Park” written by the one and only Jane Austen
  • "Die Flucht ohne Ende" ("The escape without an end") and "Hotel Savoy" written by Joseph Roth

I must say that I have to thank my german teacher for introducing me to Joseph Roth. Even if there don’t happen much in the books I love the way he writes. I mean…asdfgjkl. I never thought there would be someone who could make me fall in love with the complex phrase “Papas Taschenuhr” (“Daddys pocket watch”) so badly (besides a lot of other sentences and even whole pages).
And I don’t think I have to explain Jane Austen. Just this: I read “Pride and Prejudice” when I was around 12 years old (I guess) and have read the german version around 4-5 times and the englisch one two times now. Everytime I needed a break from my own demons, my stress, my sadness, I just started reading her books because I feel like it’s a warm spring day and I lie in the high grass listening to the birds and bees.

Yeah, the last two pictures are the books I already have from Jane Austen and Joseph Roth. I don’t know if you’re interested in this, I just wanted to share some books that made/make me the happiest and saddest person I could have been. And I never wished for anything else to be.

(and sorry for my bad grammar and spelling, I’m not a native speaker and I never motivated myself enough in the school to learn the right grammar *nervous laugh* )